Grace da Costa

Painter and Sculptor
Born in 1955,Johannesburg.

Studied Graphic design at the Johannesburg College of Art and worked as a Graphic Designer for close on 20 years. Studied part time at the Johannesburg Arts Foundation. She started sculpting and painting as a form unrestricted expression.

She divides her time between Johannesburg and Hermanus. Johannesburg provides stimulus, excitement and interaction but can be stressful. Hermanus is the ideal counterbalance, a place of contemplation where she can return to tranquillity and sanity and quietly explore and experiment.

She also gives art classes from her home studio for people in the arts world. The "students" include artists, photographers, illustrators, gallery owners, lecturers and advertising directors. This provides an informed and secure environment for all to experiment in and a vibrant exchange of ideas.

"The act of creation and experimentation is my primary concern. Generally I start a work without a fixed concept. Each work is a direct and intense encounter between the medium and myself. Whether it is oil, wax or charcoal, I explore the medium through a process of repeated application and subtraction, until I find the right balance. An artwork develops a life of it’s own. Contrast, composition, surface tension and texture are all elements that are important." Recurring themes in her works are the human form, "mindscapes" and a fascination with the symbols of communication.

Her bronzes are cast in limited editions using the lost wax process.

She has exhibited extensively in South Africa, also in London and Ireland. Her work is represented in many private, corporate and institutional collections.

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