Mandla Godfrey Majadibodu

BORN: 20th September 1968, South Africa


1991 Graphic Design, The Art Foundation


1988 Fine Art Diploma, Federated Union of Black Artists



2000 Artist Proof Studio Exhibition, Genco & Belgium


1999 Top 40 Artist on Etching Print, Boston Print Exchange


Artist Proof Studio Exhibition, Belgium


1987 Group exhibition, Wits University


Group exhibition, FUBA


1986 Group exhibition, Grahamstown Festival


Group exhibition, FUBA


1985 Group exhibition, FUBA


Since 1987, Majadibodu has worked as an assistant signwriter in Gauteng, an art director for Young and Rubicam and as a teacher for the Federated Union of Black Artists. In addition tohis painting, he enjoys playing the guitar.