Suzy Davidson


Suzy Davidson was born in Zambia in 1964 – although life and various adventures have since taken her to many different corners of the world establishing her firmly as a “cross-culture kid”.  She is now back in South Africa, after nine years spent working in Brussels, Belgium both as a commercial writer and open-studio artist – where she developed a growing international collectors’ following under the mentorship of Belgian artist and sculptor Jean-Marie Mathot.

Following classic training begun at Michaelis School of Art, later supplemented at L’Ecole des Arts de Braine L’Alleud, Suzy’s oil work is best known for its expressive, rapid-fire brushwork and intuitive use of vigorous colour. Whether applied with observant skill to capture the soft fleshiness and structure of the female form in contrast to the gloss of modern day life – or applied with an emotive energy (it was once remarked that she paints with the pace and sureness of a winning racehorse) she captures a full rollercoaster of emotions; joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure of moments remembered, thought or observed.

Nudes and the human figure feature prominently in this recent body of work, but are not necessarily always the subject. Demanding, bold, entertaining, sometimes quietly caustic in commentary – after initial visual appreciation of form and colour, one is left to ponder a deeper context.

Commissioned and sold works have found homes in Scandinavia, Finland, the USA, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, the UK and South Africa.

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