Carl Jeppe

The journey that culminates in my works on this exhibition began when I came across a book called “Art Povera” while I was an art student. This book opened my eyes to the most amazing artists and their concepts. I became aware of the passage of time, and how time reflects on all of us and on everything.

Through my journey I have become fascinated by the little things that scar and scuff the earth, like a footprint on the road to somewhere, or like a bulldozer clearing a rainforest. Like a forgotten grave, or objects half-buried in a road. Some of these images are real, found and photographed, while others are imagined, and drawn as though they were real. We are here.

We are now, standing exactly in the middle of the passage between the past and the future. The Quality of that future depends on each one of us, and on this moment, and on how each of us perceives it.

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