Janet Solomon

My background is as an oil painter and watercolourist, also working in charcoals and etching; operating within a realist representational code. Land/wildscape has always been my medium of exchange, my site for visual appropriation, a refuge for the formation of identity. Notions of self are rendered dispossessed and disconnected from their vital surroundings. Self is recognised as an isolate, without human community, within a non-human biosphere. These are selves, newly embodied, ill-prepared, unable to master, without monopoly, anti-heroic, in denial of dependency .This self represents a normative Western human identity, since my aim is to raise the question of connectedness beyond the self – how western dualism (between human/nature; reason/ nature; human/animal; mind/body; reason/ emotion; civilized/primitive) makes the distinction between self and other as being one of distance, requiring dominance or subordination, limiting our way of relating to nature.

An allusive line is sprung in my work not only from epic but also pastoral-elegiac tradition and is as marked by a sense of loss of some precious quality in world or self. My approach is to create a moment which is slightly illusive, between actions, involving dislocation, allowing glimpses of private spectacle; that are come upon. My technique is one conscious of mark-making and layering, willing the viewer closer, delaying their looking, engaging them with surface, wishing no misperception of particularity.

My work explores notions of remoteness and distancing, sameness and difference, creating a reflexive interchange between an evocation of interiority and a state of exclusion. I consider the depiction of diversity, variability, absolute particularity very important to these themes.


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