Lara Olchanetzky

"There are two distinct directions in my work. The first is the painting of shadows. I respond to what light captures in fleeting moments and conveys to the canvas. Shadows are both physical and ethereal; once captured, they leave us with impressions of character and mood. The painting of shadows suspends a brief moment forever and transforms light and shade into colour. The second direction in my work is free of images, relating still to the visible/invisible, as I peel paint off their support to reveal what lies beneath - unexpected colours; numerous coats of paint; translucent canvases over wooden frames; and mirrors coated in layers of colour. These two directions are seemingly unrelated, though they capture an essential duality in my nature, allowing me to explore a world of form and a world of idea. Lately, I've been working on printed fabrics. Here, the element of transformation from a print into a shadow image is like shaping chaos... it's fun and exciting."

Lara Olchanetzky grew up in South Africa. She studied English Literature and Classical Civilizations at the University of Natal, where she developed a keen interest in mythology. This has remained with her in the development of her art from the start. She then went on to study Fine Arts at St Luc school of Arts in Brussels where she began working in the two directions she follows to this day. Lara lived for four years in Brooklyn and three years in Paris, exploring and responding to the particularities of each place, before moving to London where she currently lives and works. Her geographical meanderings have shaped her work in many ways, from hip-hop and spray-paint in Brooklyn to textiles and design in Paris and London.