Phillemon Hlungwani

Phillemon was born in Giyani, Limpopo in Thomo Village. He attended Thomo High School where he obtained a first class in Art for Matric. In 2000 he went to the Johannesburg Art Foundation to study Fine Art. In 2000 and 2001 he won the King Korn competition and was one of the finalists for the Absa Gallery competition. He then went to the WITS School of Art to study a teacher’s training course for art and started at the Artist Proof Studios, where he is still based today teaching professional printmaking classes. Phillemon has been involved in numerous workshops, commissions, solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. He has participated in the following group exhibitions: Heritage Day for Arts and Culture exhibition in Belgium, Spark Gallery, Art on Paper, RAU, The Gallery Premises and the JAG. His solo exhibitions were in Soweto sponsored by Kaya FM, Sowetan, Sunday world and Absolut Vodka and at The Gallery Premises.  He has been commissioned to do work for Raphael Suites and Michelangelo Towers in Sandton and a tribute mural to Picasso at the Standard Bank Art Gallery. In May 2008 ABSA Gallery in Johannesburg hosted a solo-exhibition by Phillemon Hlungwani titled The Tsonga is the Shadow of Xigaza. 

His work is predominantly self-expressive in light of his background and his Christian beliefs. Trees are a place for prayer and worshipping and Phillemon feels a strong spiritual connection towards them. For this reason we see trees continuously represented in his prints. His landscape images refer to self, family and history, functioning as a type of documentation of his background.  Phillemon’s preferred printmaking technique is dry point etching. He finds this practice more expressive than other techniques; allowing him to work freely and texturally with line. In addition to being a print maker, Phillemon is a painter, art facilitator, papermaker and designer. In his recent show at ABSA Gallery Phillemon Hlungwani revealed his passionate ability in working with charcoal on paper to explore new ideas around his culture and the journeys of every day life.


  • 1999    Matriculated at Hanyani Thom High School
  • 2000    Graduated at Johannesburg Art Foundation Fine Art
  • 2000    Obtained an Artist Proof Studio printmaking certificate
  • 2000/2002 (EDL) Educate Develop and learning for life Mentored Supervisor Cource
  • 2003    VACA (craft making)
  • 2003    Obtained a computer literacy certificate at CIDA Computer Collage
  • 2004    Wits School of Art (CDP)


  • 2001    Soweto, Masakeng pub, Mofolo village, Sponsored by KAYA FM, Absolute Vodka, and Sowetan Sunday World.
  • 2006    The Premises Art Gallery
  • 2008    ABSA Gallery


  • 1999    Petersburg, Museum
  • 1999    Giyani, Showground
  • 2000    Johannesburg, Urban futures Heritage day Electric workshop
  • 1996    Norwood, Spark Gallery
  • 2002    Melville, Art on paper
  • 2001    North West, Cultural calabash
  • 2000 - 2001 Johannesburg, RAU University - Art Gallery
  • 2002    Art on paper
  • 2003    Newtown, Fundraiser Bus factory
  • 2003    Newtown, Fundraiser Boston
  • 2003    Park town, Boydens Global - Guest Artist
  • 2003    ABSA competition Gallery Dubai (Oman, Qatar, Salalah)
  • 2005    Group exhibition, University of Johannesburg, (Formerly known as the RAU Gallery)
  • 2006    The Premises Art Gallery
  • 2007    Thompson Gallery
  • 2088    The Premises Art Gallery
  • 2008    Artist Proof Studio find raising auction


  • 2005    Michael Angelo Towers, Sandton, Johannesburg
  • 2005    Raphael Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg
  • 2005 - 2006 MTN
  • 2007    Centurion Hotel, Pretoria
  • 2007    Karoo Hotel, outside Cape Town
  • 2006 - 2007/8 Nandos, Nationally
  • 2007    JDA (Johannesburg Development Agencies)
  • 2007    Various South African Government Offices


Workshops attended

  • 2002    Pineapple Paper (Japanese Techniques)
  • 2000    Paper Prayer at Artist proof studio
  • 2001    Paper Making at Artist Proof studio
  • 2001    Lithography, Van Dyke Brown and Cynotype at Artist Proof studio
  • 2003    Design Indaba at Cape Town
  • 2003    Pinpoint one
  • 2003    World summit on sustainable development
  • 2005    Paper making and printmaking workshop, Paper Prayers workshop, Omani.
  • Dry point and collagraph workshop, third year learners at Artist Proof Studio.
  • Uthingo collaboration with Craft Council, packaging.
  • 2007    Co-ordinator and facilitator of professional Art at artist proof studio


Part-time teaching

  • 2001    Johannesburg Artist Proof Studio paper making
  • 2003    Johannesburg Artist proof studio - paper making
  •            Johannesburg, create SA Training & Developing the creative industries for paper making trainer under Wits Technikon
  • 2004    Create South Africa (Create Paper)

Community projects Facilitator

  • 1997    Joko Story telling moral
  • 2000    Tingwazi Art Project
  • 2003    Papermaking workshop, East Bank High School
  • 2007    Mogalakwena Community Centre
  • 2007    Everton House Launching Project-Coordinator of children's bin painting project.
  • 2008    Artist Proof Studio Print exchange portfolio curator and project manager  


  • 1997    Ngove Gavaza Store
  • 1997    Mabunda Butchery
  • 1998    Masizani Turk Shop
  • 1998    Homu 14A
  • 1999    Linda Xumalo's House
  • 1999    Giyani Stadium
  • 2003    Float building for African Cultural centre - African Day Celebration
  • 2006    Standard Bank Art Gallery (Picasso in Africa)
  • 2007    Bell Dewar Hall: Facilitator of the mural
  • 2008    The premises Art Gallery
  • 2008    FIFA UEFA Mural 2008 at Besline


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