Gerhard Batha

Gerhard Batha was born in Vienna, Austria in 1937.  He studied at the Graphic School in Vienna under Professor J Wolfsberger, specialising in reproduction, stone engraving and painting.

He was accepted to study under Oskar Kokoschka at his summer school in Salzburg.

He came to South Africa in 1969 and had his own reproduction and printing business until 1982, when he started painting full time as a professional painter.


1978  Linda Goodman

1981  Everard Read

1984  Everard Read

1994  Everard Read

Gerhard is a prolific painter, known for his vibrant colours and diverse techniques.  He paints in all mediums – oils, gouache, water-colour, pastel and acrylics.  His styles range from super realistic to loose free style expressionism.  He paints landscapes, flowers, still life, portraits and people.

Gerhard’s paintings are owned by De Beers (London), Chase Manhattan Bank (New York), Standard Bank (South Africa) and private collections from Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, the United States, England and South Africa.


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