Goldwin Ndou


BORN: 1954 in Gwamasenga, Venda

Goldwin was employed as a railway worker for many years until he was influenced by his younger brother, Owen, to return to Venda to assist him with his carving.  Owen had started to carving as soon as he had left school.

Goldwin and Owen work very closely together and when they first started carving they would often work on a sculpture jointly.  Presently, although they work in close conjunction with each other, they carve individual sculptures.

The themes that they deal with have nostalgic references to past times - beasts contesting territories and animals fighting for survival.  Themes are also drawn from the bible.  Characteristics of their work is a love for extremes, drama, survival and humorous fantasy.

The brothers are the most productive artists in Venda.  The ability to create innovative images at a steady rate is one of their greatest talents.




1998    ‘North by Northeast II’ - Group exhibition, Knysna Fine Art, Knysna

1992    The Everard Read Contemporary Gallery, Johannesburg

1991    ‘Town Country’ - Group exhibition at The Everard Read Gallery

            Group exhibition at the  South African Association of Arts, Pretoria

1990    ‘Afrika Now’ - Group exhibition at the Sanderling Gallery

           ‘Art from South Africa’ - Group exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford and touring England 

1989    ‘African Arts Festival’ - Group exhibition, University of Zululand

            Group exhibition at the South African Association of Arts, Pretoria

1988    ‘Venda’ - Group exhibition at the Sanderling Gallery

            Group exhibition at the South African Association of Arts, Pretoria




University of Bophuthatswana

University of the Witwatersrand

Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Museum von Volkenkunde, Rotterdam

Museum der Kunst de Welt, Berlin

Numerous private and corporate collections in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.




The brothers were jointly awarded First and Second Prize at the ‘African Arts Festival’ held at the University of Zululand in 1989.


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